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VulPro approaches vulture conservation in an integrated, multi-disciplinary fashion, with the benefits from the programme accruing to both vultures and society at large. VulPro combines education and good science, with networking, capacity building and knowledge generation. The veterinary disciplines of toxicology, pharmacology, clinical pathology and medicine are combined with the science of cell-phone telemetry and the banking of genetic resources, with the goal being to positively influence the well-being of our natural resources to the ultimate benefit of society.

GPS tracking devices are used to determine foraging and home ranges of a large number of vultures in Southern Africa. The output from this research allows for the monitoring of capture-release free-ranging vultures and for the mapping of areas for further actions.

Our objectives:

  • Captive breeding for supplementation & reintroduction.
  • Vulture rehabilitation.
  • Distribution, dispersal and foraging ranges of vultures.
  • Cape Vulture breeding monitoring.
  • Veterinary and ecological research related to vultures.
  • Vulture educational and awareness programmes.