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Cheetah Outreach

Cheetah Outreach is an education and community-based programme created to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah and to campaign for its survival. Founder Annie Beckhelling launched the project in January 1997 with just one hectare of land and two cheetahs.

In addition to partnering with ambassador cats to inform the public about the problems the cheetah faces, Cheetah Outreach:

  • Continues to be involved in environmental education, offering curriculum-linked school presentations and resources as well as workshops and fellowships for teachers.
  • Breeds Turkish Anatolian Shepherd dogs and places them on South African farms to guard livestock in an effort to reduce conflict between farmers and predators.
  • Hand-rears cubs from cheetah breeding facilities in South Africa and raises them to be ambassadors for the species.
  • Partners with other cheetah conservation organizations worldwide.
Cheetah Outreach

Paardevlei, De Beers Avenue, Somerset West